District 10 News

This page is dedicated to District 10 for the Maine State Council.  Check here for calendar updates and news for this District.  If you have questions, please e-mail the District 10 District Deputy, Robert Michaud at:  dd@sabattuskofc.org

Click on the links below for useful documents:

To transfer a new member into your Council using Member Management, click here.

To request for items to be listed in the Prince of Peace Church Bulletin, click here.

To request for items to be added to the Prince of Peace Parish calendar, click

The Baptism Presentation Script can be downloaded here: Baptism Script

Winter Meeting 2024 Information

District Meeting Notes – February 9, 2024

Online Tools and References

2024 – Council Award Criteria

FIA – Council Requirements

Star Council Requirements

Council Incentives – Membership 2024 Midyear

Remote Program Supplement

Summer Meeting 2023 Information

District Meeting Notes – July 14, 2023

Summer DD Meeting Notes

Community Director Report

Camp Tall Pines – Summer Camp Info

Family Director Report

Life Director Report

Star Council Status – Final 2023 Report

Winter Meeting 2023 Information:

Winter meeting notes – January 2023

EFF Family Newsletter

Form 2863 RSVP Form Fillable

COR Meeting One Pager

COR Meeting Guidebook

Supreme – Fraternal Programs Reporting Form (need to log onto kofc.org, then go to “Forms”) 10784

Tutorial to update Program Positions (same method can be used to update Officers) using Officer’s Online. Click here.


Sign In Sheet for Knights of Columbus Activities – Safe Environment Compliance

Star Tracker Spreadsheet

The District 10 blog can be viewed below or click here to open in a new tab.

Click here to read the thank you letter from Hope House.

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