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Below are meeting notes and documents from past District Meetings

Summer Meeting 2024 Information

Coats for Kids Order Form

Essay Contest Form

Free-Throw Contest

Soccer Challenge

Hockey Challenge

Winter Meeting 2024 Information

District Meeting Notes – February 9, 2024

Online Tools and References

2024 – Council Award Criteria

FIA – Council Requirements

Star Council Requirements

Council Incentives – Membership 2024 Midyear

Remote Program Supplement

Summer Meeting 2023 Information

District Meeting Notes – July 14, 2023

Summer DD Meeting Notes

Community Director Report

Camp Tall Pines – Summer Camp Info

Family Director Report

Life Director Report

Star Council Status – Final 2023 Report

Winter Meeting 2023 Information:

Winter meeting notes – January 2023

EFF Family Newsletter

Form 2863 RSVP Form Fillable

COR Meeting One Pager

COR Meeting Guidebook